Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pencil fetish...

It started many years ago and I didn't realise until quite recently that I have a bit of a thing for pencils, but the 'thing' is that they need to be found. I have subconsciously been holding onto found pencils that I have picked up here and there for as long as I can remember. Now that it has become a conscious thing I've decided to document it. The furthest back I can knowingly trace my current collection to is 2005, Israel, so here it begins...

WHEN: April 2005
WHERE: Negev Desert, Israel

WHEN: October 2010
WHERE: St Vincent's Hospital HDU, Melbourne

WHEN: June 2011
WHERE: My mailbox, Fitzroy

WHEN: October 2011
WHERE: PLNE, The Parlour, Preston
WHAT: 2B (made from paper, not wood!)

WHEN: November 2011
WHERE: Greeves St., Fitzroy
WHAT: coloured pencil - red

WHEN: November 2011
WHERE: Flinders Lane, Melbourne
WHAT: HB (run over only a few times...)

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