Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Saturday

From the time I started pasting up around Melbourne I have had constant support, encouragement and practical assistance from my awesome mate Christy. Saturday was her last day in Melbourne before heading back to Canada and we tried to pack as much Melbourne memories into one day as possible!

Starting the day with nourishment from Arcadia on Gertrude St

Then to the studio of Ghostpatrol & Miso to get C a lil' bit o' Melbourne inked onto her arm... the form of a Ghostpatrol character!

David generously packed us each a little care package :)

then we headed to Board @ NGV for some arty, skatey goodness,

 followed by a trip down Hosier Lane...

we came across some awesome mural work by our mate Ero

as well as some more subtle pieces... ouch!

And finally, the perfect end to the perfect day - burritos!

Thanks Christy for a great day and for being such an awesome friend, wandering the streets at night with a bucket of wheat-paste won't be the same without you! x

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