Sunday, May 6, 2012

Abando fun

Last week Klara and I met up to explore and make work in another abando. Our last effort in Carlton was during the summer and we've both been keen to get out to explore and do it all again.

Wednesday was rainy - a real shit of a day for painting a wall in a space with no roof, but we were so excited and inspired by the old cotton factory/warehouse on Johnston St Collingwood that it seemed easy to ignore the weather.

This abandoned building fell victim to a fire some time back and the combination of charred walls, overgrown vines and oodles of thread were almost too much for me - I had to take some photos before I could even think about what to do on the walls.


We chose a wall in a room with this beautiful TwoOne piece and decided to use some of the thread lying around to give our work an installation element. We both wanted to create something that really took advantage of the amazing space and this was what we ended up with...

 Klara in action - not sure if this was before or after she fell through the top of a wooden crate...

 In progress...

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