Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art de la Roo in Toronto

For the last month I have been hanging out in Toronto. Why? In a nutshell, because Toronto is in need of street art love, but let me elaborate...

At the beginning of this year my good friend, pasting buddy and fellow art geek Christy moved from Melbourne back to Toronto, Canada. She immediately noticed the lack of street art, especially paste ups. On explaining this sad situation to me, Christy put forth the idea of curating some sort of street art show in Toronto - something to give them a taste of the scene back in Australia. From this, Art de la Roo was born.

On the streets of Toronto Christy and I curated 25 paste ups by Australian street artists. We celebrated this great new collection of public art with a bicycle tour of the works and a launch party at Bike Pirates that went into the wee small hours.

Some photos of the works and the launch night are below but for more info and many more images check out our website and our Facebook page.


  1. congrats on this all coming together. looks and sounds like fun times! love your piece!